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11/3/2017 Sky View Football State Tournament Round 2

10/27/2017 Ridgeline Football State Tournament Game 1

10/26/2017 Sky View State Championship Game

Tips on how to effectively position and perform business meetings employing Paperless Board Meeting Software

Online Board Meeting Software is mostly a tool which can help any business during discussions, and boards. The program is certainly user-friendly, basic secure and creates all the necessary conditions for the board to perform smoothly and stay completely private. Board subscribers have access to almost all necessary information and can take part in collaborative…

Important things about Using Business Portal Strategy

The LA Business Webpage gives you the guidance you must manage, start, expand, and optimize your small to medium sized business. Apply Start Up Information to fast create how to build your new company and become up to date quickly. It will eventually walk you through the legal facets of incorporating in Los Angeles including…

How to Use Corporate Data Management Applying IOS and EA Alternatives

Corporate data management is one of the key strategies for information technology (IT) departments all over the place. Big info has a marvelous potential to noticeably improve businesses. But , regrettably, most big data strategies fail to bring the expected incentives due to poor investments are frequently focused on every aspect of the business all…

How to Use Corporate Data Management Using IOS and EA Alternatives

Corporate data management is one of the key approaches for information technology (IT) departments everywhere you go. Big info has a enormous potential to significantly improve businesses. But , regretfully, most big data strategies fail to take the expected rewards due to poor investments are often times focused on every aspect of the business as…

High School Sports

My high school sports options have changed, please read for more details. I will not be doing CDs in the future, I will be doing digital packages on my site instead. To get the best pricing available, you need to purchase in advance. Purchasing in advance will also help me determine how many games I shoot and which team has priority.  Pre-ordering will also save you some money as an incentive.  Pre-ordering is before the first half of the season is over, not before ordering.  So get your orders in soon, if you want to save some money.  See the “Digital Packages” option for more details.  As always, email me if you have questions.


For those doing pre-orders for sports, you need to get your order in quickly to take advantage of the price reduction.  Without the deposit, your price will be based on the regular price of the item. There is a pre-order form located in the “Order CDs” area or clicking here. Also, paying a deposit and sending in the form allows me to know what player/performer I should be shooting during the events. I can then make sure I have plenty of images to select from when it comes to the final order. Please email if you have any questions.