Coupons and Digital Packages

I have been producing photographs of high school teams for several years now and will be doing some of that again this coming season. I want to make you aware of my services and invite you to relax and watch your children play the game and I will make sure they have photographs to remember the year.  Please email me if you have any questions.

Photographs of the events can be found on my website at in the Event Gallery section.  You can view them from that site for free with no obligation to purchase anything.  If you desire to purchase photographs, you can do so right from the site.  If you want to order several digital images, I do have some packages available on the site that are explained below. As you will see, packages are digital images grouped in to quantities for better pricing. Larger packages have the very best pricing available.

You may preorder a $100 coupon, to be used on the site, from me directly. Preordering provides you several benefits. First, I determine how many games I cover based on preorders for a team. Second, you get $20 off the coupon price (you pay $80 for the $100 coupon). Last, preordering makes sure I know what players to photograph. Preorders are made during the first half of the season to be considered preorders, after that they are at full price.

Current Package Options
Elite Digital • 40 High Rez images for $200
Standard Digitial • 20 High Rez images for $120
Mini Digitial • 10 High Rez images for $70
Social Media • 10 Social Media images for $50
(Larger packages available on request)

Digital Download Options (per image)
High Rez • Personal use, limited printing rights $26.99
Med Rez • Personal use, limited printing rights $21.99
Low Rez • Personal use, limited printing rights $16.99
Social Media • Low Rez Personal use, NO printing rights $9.99

(Coupons are non-refundable and expire at the end of the year.)