Event Photos

All of my event photographs can be found under the “Event Gallery” menu or going to http://gallery.eventpicz.com.  I have the event photographs organized by major category and then location and date.  Large events will have their own category for ease of locating photographs.  I will generally try to put a small article up on the site for events to point people to the correct location, but you can always just go directly to the gallery area to find the images.

Photographs from events will be left on the site as long as practical.  Generally orders stop after sufficient time has passed and I will remove galleries at that time.  The main reason for removing a gallery will be for ease of locating other galleries or because server space is an issue.  I will generally not accept additional orders for images after the gallery has been removed, so make sure you order images as soon as possible after an event to make sure you are able to purchase the images you desire.  Obviously in special situations I can locate and make available older images, please email me if that is a need.