Fall Extravaganza Tournament in St. George, Utah

I will be covering the Fall Extravaganza Tournament in St. George, Utah on Friday, October 29, and Saturday, October 30 for the Rocky Mountain School of Baseball.  I always find it difficult to find a great deal on a hotel in St. George.  I can find great deals in the Salt Lake area and even in Idaho Falls now, but for some reason I just don’t have much luck in St. George.  I generally use Priceline to get my hotel rooms as I can generally get a very nice three star hotel for under $50.  I have not had much success with lower rated hotels as most of them do not offer decent Internet access for me to do my work after shooting the baseball games.  So my quest to get a decent room in St. George continues.

I have been working the Priceline system for a week now with no success.  Unfortunately the St. George area doesn’t have multiple zones and that makes it difficult to work a strategy using Priceline.  Generally it is one bid and wait the mandatory time until another bid is allowed.  No additional zone rebids in this area.  I know from watching Biddingfortravel.com that some people are getting locations in St. George for under $50, so that is still my goal.  I don’t have much time before I will have to just go with the best price available so that I have a place to stay.  So I will continue this week and see what happens.

Last time I was in the St. George area for a RMSB tournament I covered games at the Little Valley Complex.  That was a very nice complex and gave me many fields to get a great selection of teams.  I have not seen the schedule yet this year, but my plan would be to find a location like the Little Valley Complex and cover games for both Friday and Saturday.  Schedules come out in the next few days, so I plan to develop my schedule around that once I see where the teams will be located for the tournament.

I will plan to have some Sleeves available at the tournament again.  I am getting low on them so I am not sure how many I will have with me, but if you see me ask about them and I am sure I will have some available.  You can see some examples of them on my Facebook site.  Just click on the Facebook link on my main site menu.  I am hoping the weather is good and enjoy a last-of-the-year baseball tournament.  See you all in St. George, Utah.