What is this Blog?

I often get asked questions like; why I use certain equipment, how I do certain tasks, and what computer software or hardware I would recommend. I decided I should start a blog.

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Camera Gear

Camera gear topics that include cameras, lenses, and other equipment. I own much of what I talk about, but some discussion involves gear that I have researched or seen.

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Computer Gear

Computer hardware and software topics. These topics would include basic desktop, laptop, and mobile hardware to the software used on those systems.

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Other Stuff

This category would include many topics that I find interesting. Most involved something to do with computers or photography but I might sneak in something about BBQ grills or automobiles.

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My Camera Museum

The first photographic images I remember making were of my friends. I may have made others, but these are the photos that I remember being first.  It may be that these are also the earliest I have in my possession as prints and that helps me remember them, but regardless of them being the actual… Read more →

Camera Listing

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye.  Introduced in September of 1950 with an original list price, with a flash unit, of $6.95.  The camera took 620 rollfilm producing 2”x2” images. Production ran from 1950 to 1961. (Parents owned this camera and I used it when I could. I have a version of this camera in my collection now.)… Read more →