What is this Blog?

I often get asked questions like; why I use certain equipment, how I do certain tasks, and what computer software or hardware I would recommend. I decided I should start putting things into words and making a blog out of it. This is that blog.

I do not profess to know everything there is to know about everything, or even the things I am writing about. No one does. Even those who profess to be experts are not always as knowledgeable as they appear. Sure some people know a great deal about certain things, but we can learn from many people as long as we are open to investigating and trying things to determine what works and what doesn’t.

My plans are to write about several different categories of things I use all of the time. Right now I have thought of dividing things up into camera, computer, software, and misc. gear categories. I may expand those or trim them down as things move along in the coming months. Those seem to be the main categories right now.

My postings are not scientific and might have flaws, but the information can help someone along the way. Many times I will simply provide some information on what I like or do and then provide some links where one can go to investigate on their own.

I also wanted to address the advertising issue right up front. I will have advertising on my site. I won’t write about things just to make money however. I will only write about things that I believe in and would approve of having my friends and family purchase. Actually, let me restate that. I will only provide advertisements and links to those things that I would approve of having you purchase. I might write about things that I would not approve of having people purchase (I don’t always like all products or services and I will write about those too so people know what to avoid), but I won’t provide links to purchase those products.

I would hope that people would click on the links if they determined they wanted to purchase something, that would help keep things going in the long run. So there will be advertising on the site — unless someone funds the site so I don’t need to use advertising.

So there you have it, why this site was started. Simple, basic information from my experience that might help others. I hope you can use something here.