Bags for Gear

Carrying equipment is very important. I often get asked about the bags I use to carry my equipment. That might be a simple question, but there is no real simple answer.

loweprologoI use many bags. It all depends on the situation. I have small bags, large bags, medium bags, and specialty bags. I use them all. I do have some favorites, but overall they all seem to get used.Lowepro-Pro-Roller-X200-camera-bag

My most popular bag has to be my Lowepro Roller bag. The thing is big but has places for everything and is an all-weather bag. It can also hold my 15″ laptop computer. This bag has probably helped save my back more than anything else. I always thought rollers were dumb, but after using one I swear by them. Lowepro is not cheap, but they are not the most expensive either.

Airport-International-V-20-Rolling-Camera-Bag-10I do have a backup Think Tank Roller bag, but I haven’t had to use it yet. I bought it for when my Lowepro finally bites the dust. I hasn’t yet so I haven’t had a need for my Think Tank. The Think Tank is a great bag and very well built. I know others who have had problems with their Lowepro bags and that is why I got the backup. My version just keeps on plugging away however. I have been impressed with it.

I have many Lowepro bags (toploaders, backpack, roller, and shoulder bags) and I have been happy with the options and functionality of them. I keep buying the Lowepro bags because I have been so happy with them in the past.

Shape-Shifter-9My do have two backpacks for my gear. My Lowepro backpack has been used a great deal but I have switched to my Think Tank Shape Shifter bag when I need to have a backpack. The Lowepro worked, but I really never liked it completely and the Think Tank Shape Shifter is such a nice bag that I would select it every time over the Lowepro. That said, the Shape Shifter is an extremely expensive bag. I got my as a gift for joining a professional association, so I can’t complain about the price.

Modular-Component-Set-V20-2If mobility is required, the Think Tank Belt Systems are a perfect way to travel. I use my belt system for sports events primarily.  I have a belt system with various pouches that are interchangeable, so I can configure it in hundreds of ways depending on my needs. I do love my belt system.

I have to admit that, because of the cost, I purchased almost all of my Think Tank equipment off of eBay. It seems there are many people who purchase Think Tank equipment and then never use it or use it infrequently. I spent a good year watching and purchasing carefully to get great prices on my bags. it takes time and you must be very careful purchasing these things on eBay, but it can pay off in some huge savings.

thinktanklogoSimilar to camera brands, many bag brands are similar. I seem to have locked in on two main brands and have been pretty loyal to them. Different from camera brands however, there can be a huge quality difference between some brands. I do think that the Think Tank bags are very nice and would say they have a great following of some of the top photographers in the industry. If you don’t want to spend the money on a nice roller bag, you can always go cheap and build your own using the DIY Fstoppers method found at: