Camera Gear

X-Drop Backdrops

I found a great backdrop that is portable and flexible from Westcott. I had a need of a portable backdrop for a headshot and didn’t want to take my large backdrop system consisting of a 10×20 fabric and two tripods with a crossbar. I found the Westcott X-Drop system and decided to give it a… Read more →


The best photography and software training that I have found is at I have used their online training and gone to their live workshops. I only have positive things to say about the training received both online and live. The money spent is well worth it. In one workshop this past year I learned… Read more →

Why Canon?

One question I get asked a lot is why I use Canon camera equipment. I think all photographers get asked about why they selected the brand of gear they use, it just seems like a natural question. This is also one of the questions that some ask just so they can attack a particular brand.… Read more →