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My Camera Museum

The first photographic images I remember making were of my friends. I may have made others, but these are the photos that I remember being first.  It may be that these are also the earliest I have in my possession as prints and that helps me remember them, but regardless of them being the actual… Read more →

Lincoln Continental For Sale

I am selling a 2000 Lincoln Continental. The car has been a great car for my family. My daughter is very upset with us selling, but we have too many cars and not as many drivers now. Something must be sold and, unfortunately for it, our Lincoln drew the short straw (as well as our… Read more →

I Read a Book

So I read a book over the last three days. That might not sound like a big deal, but I don’t read books.  Well, I don’t read books very often. I have lots of books but most of them are reference books and tutorial books. I read parts of them but very seldom sit down… Read more →

Tripods and Monopods

The subject of tripods and monopods always seems to turn into a big debate. Brand slips in here too, but there are so many other things that need to be taken into consideration. What type of construction, what type of head, how tall is it, how short can it get, how much can it hold,… Read more →