My Samsung Galaxy S4 White

I converted to a smart phone some time back, way back. My first smartphone was a Blackberry. Nothing fancy, but I could get my email and the telephone was decent. Well, I thought the phone was decent. The more I used it the more I figured out that the phone part sucked and the rest of the phone worked some of the time. That was a long time ago, so it wasn’t surprising and nothing else out there really did much better.

I progressed through several other smart phones and never really found one galaxy_smartphones_v4that worked well. If the features on the phone worked well the battery was awful. If the battery worked well, the phone and programs (this was pre “app” designation) didn’t work so well. I never found a phone that did everything.  For a long time I carried around a nice cell-phone and a PDA (that is Personal Digital Assistant for those who thought it had something to do with kissing in public). That is until I found the Samsung Galaxy S4.

I am in love with this phone. The apps work great and the phone works well. The battery is decent, but it is very good compared to other smartphones. I am so happy with this phone that it has become part of my hand. I am not sure what my hand looks like without the phone in it. I am also taking pictures of everything. I just can’t put it down.

So why is the phone so great? It isn’t because of the fancy new features. The real reason I think it is so great is because the phone works and the apps work. Those seem like small things, but that is rare in a smartphone. Sure it has new features that are fantastic, but those features really aren’t what makes this phone special for me. It is simply the fact that it works without locking up continually or barely being able to make or receive a phone call.  I realize less and less traditional phone calls are made these days, but sometimes you just have to talk to someone cell-phone to cell-phone.

I have used some of the new features that make this phone stand out from many of the other smartphones, but I really don’t use those features that much. I mean the Infrared remote control is cool, the smart scroll that scrolls when your eyeball looks up or down the screen is interesting (and freaky at the same time), the audio language translation is useful, and the group play is inviting.  They just don’t stack up to a working phone and email device.

I will admit I am in love with the HD Super AMOLED 25″ screen (ok, so I measured the screen and it is only 5″ but it seems like 25″). The 802.11ac (translated for the non-geek crowd = really, really, really fast Wi-Fi) speed and almost instant connection to a Wi-Fi network constantly amazes me. The microSD external memory expansion provides inexpensive storage space for apps and media. The Swype text entry leaves me speechless every time I use it.  When I am not speechless the speech recognitions blows me away with the accuracy.  Finally, the amazing camera quality allows me to be creative and produce high quality images at the same time.  These are just some of the reasons I have fallen in love with this smartphone.

The latest smartphone I had before this one was the Samsung Galaxy S2.  It suffered from many of the problems explained above.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 has really improved on all of the features I enjoyed on the S2 and added many that I didn’t even know I needed or wanted. I could wish for a better battery lifGS4_Verizon_White_400x400_large1_HERO_1e, but it is far better than the S2 even without the help of power saving apps.

I have this phone connected to four IMAP email accounts, three GMAIL accounts, a Google Voice account, it is linked to my Microsoft Outlook Calendar, it integrates all my contacts, allows me to edit spreadsheet and word processing documents, and the quality of the phone is just as good as my old flip-phone. I can edit my clients Web sites, my Web site, fulfill photo orders, and keep track of my bank account (the depositing of checks is one of my all-time favorite time-saving features) all while looking awesome in the white housing. About the only thing it doesn’t do is pour me a nice, refreshing Dr. Pepper on command.

I highly recommend this phone. I can’t see how you would be disappointed with this device unless you don’t want something as big as this device. Before you know it you will find it attached to your hand semi-permanently.  It is just that good.