Photoshop World Conference

CrowdI have written about training before on this blog, but I haven’t written about Photoshop World. Photoshop World is put on twice a year and one time is always in Las Vegas the first part of September. Being in Vegas makes it much more affordable than other locations, so it ends up being a relatively inexpensive three-day conference for Photoshop users and for photographers [Full schedule of Events at Photoshop World].

The other great thing is that Photoshop World is put on by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and the folks who make Kelby Training so great. I wrote about Kelby Training before, so you know I recommend any training by Kelby Training.  So you have a great location and great training. The price isn’t astronomical, but it was the piece of the puzzle that had me teetering on attendance this year.

Compared to other conferences, Photoshop world is a great bargain. I usually determine that it is well worth the funds even when calculating gas, food, and lodging; but this year it has been more difficult to budget my funds for this conference — until a change was made. Now it is much easier to make the decision. The price was not reduced but the benefits were raised substantially. So much so that my out of pocket price dropped by almost $240.  For some the price could be free. So what was this huge change?

The full conference registration now includes a 12-month license to Adobe Creative Cloud.  Yes, that is correct. Everyone who registers for the full conference and attends the conference gets a 12-month pass to Adobe Creative Cloud — the ENTIRE cloud [Read what the ENTIRE Creative Cloud is here]. The regular price of that license could be $600 if you don’t currently own a version of Photoshop. It is worth less depending on what you currently own as the introductory, first-year cost of the Creative Cloud is reduced depending on the version of your currently owned Photoshop copy.cchdr-lp

So how does this conference end up being free?  Great question. Obviously it is relatively free for certain people. Let’s say you were going to purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud and didn’t own any current version of Photoshop AND you wanted to join the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), that would cost you $600 for the Creative Cloud and $100 for NAPP.  The cost of Photoshop World is $698.  That means Photoshop World would not cost you anything except gas, food, and lodging while you are there. Not everyone will have to pay the full price for the Creative Cloud, but the cost of attending a great conference is still offset by whatever cost you would have for Creative Cloud.

As mentioned earlier, I still think the cost of the conference is a killer deal with so many sessions (more than 100 classes) on many topics from some great instructors. This could be a way for those deciding to attend to become legal on their software. I know that many of you are running Photoshop without a license, now you can be legal in your use of the software after attending an awesome conference. Yes, I realize that many who are using the software illegally aren’t going to pay for Photoshop world either — they will probably be the ones figuring out how to sneak into the sessions without a pass.  For those who want to be legal, this is a great way.

The cost is reduced even for those who own a current version of Photoshop and the 12-month license extends your current license if you are already on the Creative Cloud.  Introductory rates for Creative Cloud are $360 per year for those owning older versions and $240 per year for those who purchased CS6 recently. So you can see the cost of the actual conference can be offset by the cost of Creative Cloud for those who will be purchasing it anyway. That is a great bargain.  Additionally you will get to be part of NAPP [Read about NAPP benefits here] with the magazines and training offered there as well.

The cost for me was much easier with this change. As a current Member of NAPP, I get a $100 discount. I have attended before, so I get an additional $50 discount as a past participant. I was early enough in my registration that I benefited from the $100 early bird discount too.  Add those savings of $250 with the Creative Cloud benefit and I can justify the cost of the conference much easier and I will be attending my third Photoshop World this year in Vegas.

I have attended the past two years and learned from the likes of Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, Dave Black, RC Concepcion, Frank Doorhof, Ed Greenberg, Jack Reznicki, Larry Becker, Terry White, Jeremy Cowart, Jay Maisel, David Ziser, Matt Kloskowski, and others. They have session tracks on Business, Graphic Design, Lighting, Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photography in general. I know, it is called Photoshop World and there is only one track on Photoshop, but trust me, Photoshop is talked about throughout. In addition there is a Expo that runs adjacent to the conference with vendors displaying the newest gadgets and software to bonus classes sponsored by the vendors.

Those who are in need of some more specialized training and have some extra funds available, there are some great workshops the day before the conference. These are generally 6 to 8 hour workshops around the Las Vegas area. The workshops include On Location Wedding Shoot; Real World Concert Photography Shoot; Canon USA Explorers of Light Presents: Canon Live Shoot!; Photoshop for Beginners; Selections, Masking & Compositing; Adobe A.C.E. – Prep for the Exam; Lightroom 5 Crash Course; Light It! Starting From Scratch; Top Gun Flight Training For Hobbist Photographers; The Art Of Painting In Photoshop; and two others that are sold out by Joe McNally and Moose Peterson.  [View the details here.]

Last year I participated in a workshop in a ghost town outside of Vegas with IM7_5697Joe McNally and Moose Peterson as the instructors. It was a great experience with some personal time with both instructors for some great training learning from some of the best. We had the run of the ghost town and four models in costume available for the day. I can’t afford one of the workshops this year, but they are very good workshops and provide a longer training session on a specific subject with a professional in the specific field.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today and I will see you in Vegas at Photoshop World!