Old Photos

I have been getting some requests for older photos. I am happy people enjoyed the photos and remember that they came from EventPicz.com.  I will admit that I do have access to some older photos but really only in the last year or so.  Prior to that I really don’t have  much access to those photos and really don’t have any good method of making them available to the public.  Even those from last year are difficult to make available as I must recreate a gallery for them when needed.  Here are the basic procedures for old photos:

More Recent Photos:  If you are confident you are going to purchase more than a few photos from a past event, email me and I will look at creating a gallery on the new system for those purchases.  I would need to be assured you are going to buy more than just one or two photos however.  This process will required that I locate them on a backup system and then create a new gallery on my new system for those photos.  It doesn’t take a huge amount of time generally, but it does take enough that I need to be assured you are going to purchase more than a few photos.  Again, email me and we can look at this option to see if it is possible.  Let me know in your email how many photos you plan to purchase, that will help.

Older Photos:  I have some older photos available but not all of them. I had a hard drive fail and then a technical problem with the backup disk for some of my really old stuff (mostly sporting events).  If you have ever had the occasion to get a price quote on fixing a hard drive, you understand how expensive that process is even when the problem is minor.  The backup disk would have cost me $1,500 to fix and it was only a basic problem with the hard drive motor.  I decided that it wasn’t worth the cost and elected not to fix it.  Thus I don’t have access to the really old sports events.  I do have some older photos in the past few years, but the older stuff is gone for practical purposes.  I only maintain an online backup for two years, so we are talking about photos that I hadn’t had a request for in over two years.  Interestingly I have had several requests for those old photos in the last six month, right after I switched systems and lost access to all of those really old photos.  Murphy’s law I guess.  So, you can email me and I can determine if I even have access to the photos you are interested in, but the bottom line is that many of them are not available.

I don’t plan on changing systems again, so I don’t see this as a problem in the coming years.  As with anything, it is best to ask and I can determine what is available and what isn’t.  Just be understanding that the really old photos might not even be possible at this point in time.