Parting Ways with

Craig Peterson and Part Ways

Photojournalism is changing daily. There are reports of changes across the country with newspapers being shut down and photojournalists and journalists being cut at those media entities that remain. Many media outlets are running on skeleton crews compared to what they had even two years ago. Many have migrated to “Citizen Journalists” to take the place of those laid off.

The media business is a difficult one and this economy makes it even worse. is going through some changes and has elected to go a different direction in regards to photographic costs for the future. While I don’t know the exact direction they are going, I do know that I will not be part of that new direction. I will complete the 2012 USU football season and then I will part ways with  So, after three years of covering USU athletics, along with a handful of other stories, I will not be working for on an ongoing basis in the future.

I did enjoy working for and want to thank all those who followed my photographs on the site. It was enjoyable work and I appreciated all of the comments and thanks from those around the valley and throughout the country. I have no ill feelings towards but I obviously don’t agree with their business decision. I will be watching them like many of you to see what changes they do make and how successful they are in their new direction. I think they play a critical role in the media landscape and hope for their success.

While I will not be working for in the future, I still plan to shoot sporting events around the area. Contact me if you have any event you would like covered. I do enjoy photographing sports and see that continuing.  As for photojournalism, that would be nice to continue but I don’t see any real possibilities at this time. I guess I will have to figure out how to watch college sports without a camera in front of my eye. Those considering photojournalism as a career, make sure you really want it before you commit for the long term. It can be exciting, but the future is depressing.

Between citizen journalists, interns, and anyone willing to work for free; the future of photojournalists, and journalists, is bleak. There are so many who will work for free or very little money, and they don’t understand the future consequences of their actions. Let me end with some words that Stephen Colbert said in a piece he did about some photojournalist layoffs at CNN.  He said, “It’s like an internship; if you work for free, putting in your time, and your work is good enough, maybe one day you could be laid off by CNN.” You can see the entire Stephen Colbert report at