RMSB Memorial Day

I am getting ready for the big RMSB Memorial Day tournament.  Based on how things went at the March Madness Tournament in St. George, I am planning on using the same strategy.  Right now I am looking over all of the venues for games and will be deciding on one or two larger venues to spend Friday and Saturday.  I have decided to spend Monday at the City Center Complex in Orem for the 8u and 9u championships.

It is always difficult to decide where to be to get the most out of a location.  For this particular tournament it appears the Spanish Fork area has the most games in the smallest area in the Sports Park East and Sports Park West complex.  Right now I am leaning towards being at that complex on Friday with Saturday still in the air.  Friday I would be able to cover games in the 10u, 11u, 12u, 13u, and 14u divisions from that complex.  Saturday would be the same selection at that location, so it will depend on how many different teams I could possibly cover there.

As always, I am open to adjusting my schedule for teams who are interested in purchasing Team CDs (more information on Team CDs will be available in an article shortly).  If your team is interested, please let me know early so I can arrange my schedule to be at a location where your team plays.

See you all at the tournament and good luck to all the teams.