Upcoming Baseball Tournaments

Currently I am planning on attending the RMSB Firecracker Tournament and then the Tournament of Champions.  I have also been contacted about going up to Idaho Falls to cover the 13 year-old Regional Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Tournament in August.  I will then probably wait until Labor Day and cover the RMSB Labor Day Tournament.  If sells pick up, I may go to the Cedar City Color Country Classic Tournament.

With all of the tournaments and seasons going on everyone is busy and the photo galleries are dropping a little in activity.  I am hopeful that picks back up so that I can continue this coverage.  People have been very nice to work with and the games are enjoyable to watch.  I will continue with these next tournaments and hopefully things will pick back up like they did with the Memorial Day tournament.  I do have a big soccer tournament as well and I will see how that goes later this summer.

If anyone has a tournament or season game they would like me to cover, please let me know early enough so that I can get it on my calendar.