Why doesn’t gallery.eventpicz.com work?

You might have noticed things are changing. EventPicz.com is changing to 5150 Photography. The web address is now 5150Photos.com and the galleries are located at www.5150photos.com. Many of the old links don’t work any longer, but the photo galleries are still alive and well — you just need to access them with a new address. You might have noticed EventPicz.com redirects to this site, it is only the photo galleries that are having issues currently. Hopefully that will be fixed, but ultimately you will need to access the galleries with the new name. If you are planing to sell your car, is important that you determinate the car value before that your start any bussines.

So why the change? That is a good question. My business has taken a turn and my primary photography work has changed. I now do more commercial work and less event work, so the name is more general now. Also, the old name had that pesky “z” and that caused frustration for some as they couldn’t remember the name correctly. That shouldn’t be a problem now. 5150 Photography is pretty straight forward and 5150Photos.com should be much easier to remember.

There will be some things that show the old EventPicz.com name, but eventually things will be changed. I still need to change my logos on many items and some social media apps will show the old name. It is hard to change everything at once I have found, but it needed to be done. So welcome to 5150 Photography!

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