Winter Shooting

It is winter and getting cold.  I have been shooting lots of indoor sports and finishing up the outdoor things this week.  I will be shooting the State 4A football championship today and then the USU football game tomorrow to wrap up my outdoor sports until Spring.  I was at BYU shooting the USU/BYU basketball game on Wednesday and have many more basketball games to do over the next few months.

In the next month or two I will be evaluating how the baseball events turned out this past year.  It was hit and miss with some of the tournaments I covered for the Rocky Mountain School of Baseball.  It will be interesting to know how the numbers work out financially to see if it is worth continuing with those tournaments.  I know the Babe Ruth Regional Tournament in Idaho did pretty well even after one team fell through on purchasing their team CD after all.  It was a fun tournament and the teams from Washington and Oregon came through with purchases.

I am very close to getting my studio going and taking portraits.  I still need to do some tests with the equipment, but it appears things are in place.  Now I just need to shoot and shoot and shoot to see if things work how I believe they should.  I just haven’t had time yet to get things off the ground for that part of the business.  I should have more time in the next few months to get everything going.  Watch for Impigrous soon!

Speaking of Impigrous, I do need to get some radio ads developed for that part of the business.  I keep putting it off until I feel more comfortable that things are ready.  It is probably close enough to at least get the ads ready and then determine when to start running them.  I am thinking the first of the year is when I will get them rolled out and running full steam ahead.  I also need to get some design work done to be completely ready for the Impigrous website.

Well, that is what is happening lately and will be happening in the near future.  Get out of the cold and indoors for some basketball!  Watch for the Utah State photos on