Baseball Event Photography

I will be covering the Rocky Mountain School of Baseball March Madness Tournament in Southern Utah and Mesquite, Nevada from March 18 through March 20.  This will be my first major event and I am looking forward to the opportunity and experience this tournament will provide.  I am using this tournament to determine my future event photography coverage and to see if I can do this full time after my contract at Utah State is completed in May.

This is a huge tournament and it will present some challenges.  I have covered some much smaller events in the past, but nothing like this.  I am trying to get everything setup so that it is as easy as possible for those attending the tournament to find my photographs and then purchase them.  I am getting the fliers and business cards all prepared and looking over the many venues to try to plan out a course of coverage that will maximize my selling potential.  Unfortunately I don’t have any good method currently to know which games will provide the best contact.  I will look into that in the future but for now I will do my best to cover my costs and get my name and product out there so people can see what I offer and the quality of the photographs.

I covered a baseball tournament in Smithfield at the end of last year, but that only had a handful of teams.  This RMSB tournament will have hundreds of teams.  My new laptop should arrive this week so that I can get it all setup for transmitting the images each day and hopefully have galleries available within 24 hours of each game.  The tournament will be the week after the WAC basketball tournament so it will be a quick turnaround from Reno to St. George, Utah in one week.  The hardest thing to get used to will be the warmer weather.  I doubt I will want to be back in the 9 degree temperatures like it was this morning after being in southern Utah.

If you know of a team or have a family member playing in the March Madness Tournament, send me an email and let me know what team so I can cover a game or two of their team.  Then get online and purchase like crazy!  🙂