Bill “The Legend” Makes Sports Center

Bill Sproat as Cupid

Bill Sproat has been entertaining the crowds at the Spectrum at Utah State University Men’s Basketball games for some time.  He generally arrives early and is always on the front row of the student section situated directly behind the East basket.  The East basket is where the opposing team shoots during the second half of each basketball game, which become an important basket for the student section to heckle at critical times during the game.  Bill is best known for how he “influences” foul shots when the opposing players are trying to focus and concentrate on their shots.

Bill spends much time planning and then implementing various “original” techniques for diverting the concentration of players when they are trying to concentrate the most, during foul shots.  Never a person to miss an opportunity to introduce a theme appropriate distraction, Bill dresses in various flamboyant outfits with the sole purpose of distracting players.  Some of his outfits have included things like an Hawaiian grass skirt complete with coconut shell bra and a Chippendale costume so authentic he could have flown straight to Vegas for an evening performance at the Rio — well, except for the fact that Bill is somewhat less physically chiseled than the real Chippendales.

Recently Bill found himself the focus of ESPN2 during a televised game against the Idaho Vandals.  February is the monthof love and Bill’s theme for the game was Cupid.  Yes, Cupid that boy god of love and beauty complete with a bow to shoot arrows inspiring romantic love.  Bill’s version of Cupid would have brought pride to Venus and Mercury.  While Venus and Mercury are accustomed to seeing Cupid in the nude, Bill choose an outfit with a pink tutu — thankfully!  During the game an Idaho player was fouled and approached the foul line in an attempt to put two easy points on the scoreboard for the visiting Vandals.  Easier said than done.

“Bill is one of the most entertaining people I have ever met in my life. -craig peterson-

Bill captured the attention of everyone in the building including the ESPN cameras and announcers.  Jefferson, the Idaho player, proceeded to miss both foul shots and Bill “The Legend” was introduced to the world on live television.  ESPN then went on to list Bill’s performance as the Number 1 Not Top Ten Play of the week.  That, coupled with social media spreading the video around the globe, has propelled Bill into legendary status an obstacle teams visiting the Spectrum must plan for in the future.

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