Event Galleries


All of my event photographs can be found under the “Event Gallery” menu.

I have made the switch to a new provider for printing images and the old galleries are no longer available. Any desire to purchase old photos now will be handled via direct email and negotiated on a gallery by gallery basis.  The photos should be available but it will take some time and effort to make them available for purchase in the future.  There will be some minimum purchase requirement to have an old gallery made available for purchase in the future. If you have question, just email me. Otherwise, enjoy the new galleries and let me know if you have an event you would like covered.

Image Quality in the Galleries
Images listed on the site are placed onto the site as quickly as possible.  They are generally not processed or cropped in an effort to make them available as soon after they are taken as possible.  The quality of the images is reduced to speed up the process of making them available and for quickly browsing the images.  The images used in orders are the highest quality images we have, not the images you see in the galleries.  Images are also processed by hand and cropped based on the size of the image ordered after they have been ordered.  If you have any questions about the quality of an images being printed at a certain size, please email me and I will let you know if it appears an image will work for a certain size.  Images are always hand processed for color correction, toning, and lighting.

Duration of Images
Photographs from events will be left on the site as long as practical. Generally orders stop after sufficient time has passed and I will remove galleries at that time. The main reason for removing a gallery will be for ease of locating other galleries or because server space is an issue. I will generally not accept additional orders for images after the gallery has been removed, so make sure you order images as soon as possible after an event to make sure you are able to purchase the images you desire. Obviously in special situations I can locate and make available older images, please email me if that is a need.

Prices for photographs are listed on the individual photo’s page after you have found a particular photograph you are interested in purchasing. Prices appear to the right and there are tabs for different types of purchases. When viewing an entire gallery, you may also select the “buy all” option to purchase all photographs in the particular gallery. You may also select images in the gallery and then purchase select images using that method without having to navigate to each one individually. You just check the images you want before selecting “order photos” and then you are presented with the option for size of images and other products to purchase with those images.

Shopping Cart
Once you have added items to your shopping cart, you can then review the contents of that cart at any time or continue shopping until you have completed your order. You can always remove items from your cart if you change your mind before you complete the order process. There are also ways to save items as favorites to easily return to add them to your cart if you elect to go that route.

Time to Process
Once your order has been placed, the photographs are hand processed to make sure you receive the best possible prints. Because of the hand processing, your order maybe take several days to be processed and then be printed. Again, this is to guarantee you get the best possible prints from the selected images. We understand you will want your images as soon as possible and we will do our best to process the images quickly.

If there are any reasons why things might be delayed, we will post that information on the https://eventpicz.com website. If you are purchasing images from a tournament and the tournament is still going on, please understand that we will process all ordered images as soon after the tournament as we possibly can. Generally we won’t start processing orders until after the tournament is completed as we are still covering the tournament and photographing additional games.

We want to make sure your orders meet expectations and want to provide you with a quality product. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order. You may email us at craig@eventpicz.com or leave a message at (435)535-1313.